Good Read

April 24, 2007

…I vow that it’s goodbye to the old ways. Those stories were a good read, they were dumb as well – Harriet Wheeler of the Sundays


I had a librarything account languishing for a long time now and have not done much with it. Maybe it’s because it doesn’t allow for adjustments. I haven’t thought about web library, until I found another new app for organizing books. I like Goodread because it allows you to name different bookshelves which is a great feature. So I wanted to start yet another electronic form of Bookography.

I also join a Ning app for Librarians call Library 2.0. Although I’m not one in real live, I play one here. Reading through the forums of the club, I found out some suggestions for improving the way library lend. Someone had the brilliant idea of modeling features of Netfix into the on line catalogue for checking out DVDs. I think on line catalogues are wonderful and is a major improvements in the lending system but that as with any app can be improved upon. My suggestion is to have the ability to review books, and organize the reading material in an on-line catalogue. If it’s possible to mash up Good Read with my existing on line library account that would be great.

There’s an article in Business 2.0 about Library Thing. I saw business 2.0 in the magazine rack of my library and decided to check it out. It has a lot of interesting articles about the Internet. This particular issue features Jetpen, and micro stock photography. I think it’s put out by CNN.

(founder of Library Thing Tim Spalding) Spalding’s next target is to get into the business of advising libraries on how to manage their catalogs.

I think that’s a great idea!



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