An Email from Tom Kelley

April 23, 2007

Hi Tom,
I’m a big fan of your book “The Art of Innovation”. I’ve been evangelizing
your work and experimenting with product even before I knew or conscious of
what I and others have been doing. Your book changed the way I look at
things. You have defined a vocabulary for what we were naively doing, evangelizing about the Circa Rolla products, and experimenting with quick
prototypes to improve the notebooks.
I’ve written about them on my blog:
I think that it’s great to see someone using a new and innovative product
such as the Circa to write a book. I wanted to write to you but didn’t know
how. Until I saw your email address at the end of the book. Wow, what a
wonderful idea. You’ve made yourself accessible to readers for questions.
I’m constantly finding new stories to illustrate your categories of
innovation. -Duc N. Ly
Thanks for your note, and the links to your blog. I am reading it on my Treo….. Sounds like we share a love for the circa binders, though I don,t think I have seen the European Atoma ones you refer to. I am speaking in 16 countries this year, so I will look out for them.
Best regards,
Tom Kelley

Sent from my Treo handheld

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