The Tall Muse

April 20, 2007

muse tall

Originally uploaded by lexly87.
This is my Tall Muse designed by Duffy and Partners for Myndology. I am studying Polish on my own so these will be useful. Jason Kinziger, the founder of Myndology, has created a very energetic company emphasizing environmental consciousness and ‘good thinking’. Duff has design a range of colors and clever details. I love everything from the high design of the incised plastic cover, to the medallion tag on the Ring. There is also the clever closer of the plastic cover. The Muse is affordable, same price as other index cards on the market yet one gets a well thought design product that makes study fun and easy.

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2 Responses to “The Tall Muse”

  1. VentiDarkRoast Says:


    – nice to see your myndology reviews…. I too just recently got my first myndology notebooks and like them alot. This is my first journey into the discbound world.
    – In fact, I am on-line right now ordering another journal sized notebook, refills and may well order one of those Muse products!!! Although I am not sure how I’d use that yet.

  2. ducly Says:

    Hi VentiDarkRoast,
    Welcome to the club. It’s a bit tempting yes. Lots of pretty paper and finding a use but eventually, it will be used and what a great conversation piece too.

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