The Art of Innovation

April 16, 2007

Earlier I happen upon ‘Ten Faces of Innovation‘ on Levenger’s website. My local library didn’t have this particular book yet. So I decided to check out it’s predecessor: ‘The Art of Innovation’. This book opened my eyes to things, my work place, my everyday experience and interactions with products. I read this yesterday and Saturday and couldn’t put it down. I took lots of notes on my CircaToma notebook of course and began making lists of things that bug me. IDEO call it a ‘Bug List’. I called my brother Andy and talk to him about it because he has read this and is reading ‘Ten Faces of Innovation’. I remember interviewing at an Architectural firm in Portland. Their studio practice imitated IDEO. I have a whole new respect for design. What we do with products, hacking it and modifying it are our ways of influencing and adjusting the product to our needs. I wasn’t aware that what we were doing is quick prototyping. Now I look at Judy of the Wood‘s, NayNay, Mlle_Bleue, Shris, ArtisticSara,R.Rassemusen, Chet, and many other’s work (and even my own) with new eyes. I see DIY communities are like Hot teams working together to strife for better products.

The book is entertaining and the way Thomas and His co author wrote put complex projects into readable terms. It made me think back to reading about Jason’s story of how he started his business. He was looking with his eyes observe his friend with a problem in organization. What can be done better? His quick thinking and prototyping lead to a new line of product that are useful. IDEO encourages looking across the sea for ideas. Jason has done that as well as others. I used to work with the father of the founder of Oregon Chai. He told me a story of how his daughter’s travel to India lead to her idea of making the India version of tea call Chai in their home kitchen. It was very popular drink among friends. She shopped it around to different grocery stores. Eventually the demand for it out grew the kitchen area. Her father, the architect, built her the building for the start of her company.


3 Responses to “The Art of Innovation”

  1. Rasmussen Says:


    Tom’s “Ten Faces” certainly made a lasting impression upon me. I’m glad to see that you have taken up a critical stance on the pursuit of innovation. When you are finished with “The Art”, be sure to grab Andy’s copy of Tom’s latest book!

    I wasn’t aware that what we were doing is quick prototyping. Now I look at Judy of the Wood’s, NayNay, Mlle_Bleue, Shris, ArtisticSara,R.Rasmussen, Chet, and many other’s work (and even my own) with new eyes.

    I couldn’t agree more. 😉

  2. ducly Says:

    Hi Ryan, yeah I requested Andy to send me his copy. I think I had your encouragement to experiment so thank you.

  3. @Stephen Says:

    You have got that right. That book is on my list for next month!!
    Make that both of them.

    @Ryan: Some of what we do is quick prototyping, some of it is slo-o-o-w. My calendar project is taking much longer than I thought it would to complete, and my research keeps opening new avenues.

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