April 16, 2007

Here’s a picture of a mod/hack of two or three products together. mynd-rolla-post-it.jpg

This is a blurry close up of a Rollabind Notebook page (the Circa page also fits) in the Myndology Atoma notebook as designed by Myndology. The ‘smurf’ (mushroom shape of the hole puncher) fits. There’s enough room at the top for a Post-it-Note plastic tab divider which I find so useful. I really like these tabs. They don’t thicken your note book. They are also removable. Depending on your preference, you can put the tab on top or bottom of the page (header or footer).


There is a slight over hang at the edge so I took a ruler and made my own hand torn deckle edge for an old world feel. Atoma is a Europen product which means that it was executed in metric measurements. I’m amazed that the spacing between the disc equal their American counter part. I image the Rollabind had to do a conversion and stay with the equal distance of the original Atoma. It was proabably calculated out to be an ideal optimal distance to support the papers and also to accomodate different size of papers. These types of notebook remind me of the works of Charles Eames, the famous architect and designer of the Eames chair. He and his wife, Ray, believed in modular designs, building made up of parts. The system of Circa Rolla and Atoma are essentially parts. What is unique about this product, aside from the fact that you can remove pages and rearrange them, is that the individual parts, papers and disc join together to hold each other. It’s a brilliant structural engineering invention and product design. I think that’s part of the appeal for me. This leads to all sorts of way one can customize, or ‘Pimp’ your notebook. This phenomena, known as Pimping began in the West Cost of California. The Automobile culture of California has been full of customization and innovation. This naturally lead to motorcycle, homes, bathroom and a few other things. People have always been customizing their stuff. I remember grade school Peechee folders or cloth cover three ring binders. To a larger extent, customers are now able to customize their notebooks even more. I suppose that’s where the word customize came from. It is the customers’ prerogative to adjust products that they have purchase to their own needs. There are many television shows about customization. ‘Pimp your ride’ and American Chopper to name a few. It’s with this kind of users that began to innovate and move the original product beyond it’s purpose, and intent.

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