April 10, 2007

If you would like to have your designed feature on tisimi.com, upload some projects. You’ll get comments and votes from tisimi members. This site is in it’s early experimental stages. Robin, one of the innovators from tisimi, saw some of my projects on Flickr and invited me to join. It’s a perfect place as it concentrates on design projects. There are futurist car designs, and product design show cases. Improvements are constantly being made on the website’s interface. There is also a forum to discuss ways to make the website better. Flickr has limited my free account, which locks many of my photographs, I’ll be migrating my projects and photographs to Tisimi.

Hi tisimi.com member

The first tisimi.com design competition has ended and here are the winners*:

1. Martin Kingsley – USD $1,000 Martin

2. Duc Ly – Nintendo Wii Duc

3. Andreas Hellman – iPod Shuffle

We are hard at work making tisimi.com a better site with a brand new look & feel and great new features. We are also upgrading the hardware, moving to bigger and faster servers.

We are mega excited about the new site, which will feature fantastic new competitions sponsored by Kodak and Corel Software, and have even more prizes.

The new site will launch soon, so stay tuned.

Congratulations to all the winners!

Robin Daniels

The tisimi team

Hi Duc,

Congratulations! You’ve won the 2nd prize on tisimi.com’s first competition, which is a Nintendo Wii. I also want to thank you for helping us out with testing the site.

Right now we are in the process of changing the look and feel completely, and migrating to new and faster servers.

I am sure you will like the new site, and can’t wait to hear your feedback about it when we launch.

We are going to announce the winners of the competition in our email newsletter, and I was wondering if you prefer we use your real name or your username to announce who’s the winner?

Also, where would you like the Nintendo sent to?

Thanks and congratulations!


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