April 9, 2007

Judy of the Woods, Naynay, and others have called me to attention about another disc product for organizing paper and note-taking. Though this is the original inventor of the disc from Belgium, call Atoma. Myndology is the only US importer of this disc. I decided to write to Myndology for samples to compare the three system. So far my first impressions from looking at the website is that the disc’s mushroom shape looks close to my traditional wedding band. It does’nt have the round semi circular shapes as the Circa or Rollabind ‘smurf’. I’ve also heard reports that the Atoma stem is 1/16 smaller. Although, the mushroom shape is differnt, the spacing between the disc remains the same, 3/4 inches. Myndology will be producing new products which will include a paper puncher to work with the product. One thing that I’ve seen which is really exotic, is the Atoma disc made from wood. The Atoma has a variety of color, clear and vibrant. Myndology is working with a great design firm Duffy and Partners from Minniapolis. Myndology’s head quarter is in Brussels, (not Belgium where Atoma originated) Wisconsin. The other advantage is that Myndology products are sold through out American in major Universities’ book and paper supple store. Their over the counter (instead of mail order) availabilities is a plus. There are rumors that Rollabind Notebooks will be pulled from the shelves of Staples, which means less competition. This is good for the consumers as we have many choices. However, the issue of incompatibility is going to make some of us choose sides. Naynay’s example photo on flickr states that Atoma’s smurf will work with Rollabind Portalbe punch. Let’s hope so, why can’t we all co-exist?

Reading the story of how Jason came up with the idea for the ring flash card product is intriguing. The idea came to him one day while he watched his friend’s stack of index card study guides fall into a disorganized array. He had been to Japan and saw students using the single ring binder. Great ideas and start of business often start with just that one single thought and determination. Myndology is not a one trick poney. The company has evolved and incorporates new products into their systems, which began as one ring…’the one ring to rule them all’.


I’ve been following the blogs and discussions regarding this type of product over the past couple of years and it seems to have quite a devoted following. I enjoyed reading your product reviews, and I’d like to do what I can to help you out. Circa and Rollabind are a different and incompatible format from the one I use. I use the original inventor of this product from Belgium called Atoma. I started my business selling ring-bound notebooks to college students, and felt like these disk-bound products were a natural expansion of what I do. We are working with a first class design firm, Duffy & Partners, to help introduce and create new products and are looking to expand the line by the end of the year. Your samples for review will ship out today. I am excited to hear your feedback- feel free to contact me for further information.



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