Michael Chabon

April 7, 2007

Date of Birth: 1963
Birthplace: Columbia, MD
Current Residence: Berkeley, CA
Education: B.A., University of Pittsburgh; M.F.A.,UC Irvine
Profession: writer
Influences, Interests and Interesting Tidbits: F. Scott Fitzgerald; Ray Bradbury; Jorge Luis Borges; Gabriel Garcia Marquez; John Cheever; Edith Wharton; Vladimir Nabokov; Robert Stone; Henry James; Marcel Proust; Gustave Flaubert; Richard Yates; John Collier; Robert Graves; Mike Davis; Roger Angell; Jan Morris; John Keats; Frank O’Hara. Chabon has a strict regimen of writing, confining himself to a 10 p.m. to 3 a.m. shift, Sunday through Thursday. “Sometimes I’ll write in the afternoon, but I just can’t work in the morning,” says Chabon, “I think a valuable message to a writer is, you have to work every day, preferably the same time every day.’ That may be the best advice I can give.” (Edvins Beitiks, San Francisco Examiner) Chabon on his method of writing a novel: ” I begin with an image, usually, or a vague feeling of some kind of a longing for a place, a person a time… then I try to figure out who my characters might be…what kind of people I associate with the above-mentioned feeling or longing… Once I have my characters I try to find a narrator, and then let my narrator help me find a way into a story…only when I’ve got about forty to fifty pages do I sit down a make an outline. Then I try to outline very carefully.” (AOL Center Stage, 7/26/95)You create a much better self when you’re writing. When you’re writing you’re much smarter, much wittier, a much better person when you’re pushing the keys of that keyboard. And if you’re not careful, you get trapped inside that persona, the person you’re writing about.
-Michael Chabon, San Francisco Examiner

Chabon’s elegant prose, breathtaking imagery and wickedly on-target dialogue precisely illuminate his characters’ absurdities. , Publishers Weekly

The young star of American letters …a writer not only of rare skill and wit but of self-evident and immensely appealing generosity.
-Jonathan Yardley, The Washington Post Book World


My name is Dr. X, and I’m putting together the ‘League of Super Writers.’ We intend to fight crime and bad writing.

MICHAEL CHABON: Well, sign me up. Do we get to have a secret headquarters?


3 Responses to “Michael Chabon”

  1. franQ Says:

    Chabon has long been a favorite of mine, esp. his first novel MYSTERIES OF PITTSBURGH… My beef with him now is, yes he does create these wonderful stories and characters, but he doesn’t give a damn about them.

    How else could he allow the writer/director of DODGEBALL to get his hands on MOP and completely CUT the character of gay Arthur, reduce Phlox to “ex-girlfriend” status and turn Cleveland into a bisexual?

    I suppose $$ talks…

    Join the official MOP Film Boycott! http://groups.myspace.com/MOPfilm

  2. franQ Says:

    PS- I’ve got a copy of the MOP screenplay if you’d like to give it a read… Email me: bechsten[at]yahoo[dot]com

  3. ducly Says:

    Oh My I didn’t know that they are making MOP into a movie. I read that book too many times. It made such a great impression on me while I was in high school. I’ll join.

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