Andy’s and Other’s Recommendations

April 6, 2007

Remember the days of small family run video stores? They always had a section on the shelf of recommendations from the employees. Steinfeld even did couple of episodes on the phenomena. Elan was infatuated with a certain mysterious video store clark’s recommendations. She had a on going affair with his seemingly perfect match video recommendations to her taste. She had found a Video soul-mate. I recall the affair turn out disastrously when she discovered that her soul-mate is a pimple face teenager.

Well here I am re instating the Recommendation phenomena.

My brother Andy (neither pimply nor a teenager) is a hip New Yorker. He’s always attending cool museums, parties, and other happenings in the big apple. My only connection to hipness. Just last week he was in Dia Beacon to see Richard Serra’s enormous cor-ten steel. I can only hear about such thing on the radio. Apparently, people have died due to accidents while installing the pieces. Richard has a ruthless belief that if people get in his way about his art he will avoid them at all cost even if it means divorce.

So here’s Andy’s recommendations: You Tube Hyper Text

From Rebecca of BluebirdStudio:

thought this would interest you

Some of the authors of Cloverfield Press will be gracing Portland with their presence in a reading at Powell’s book store. Check out the calendar of events at I believe it’s schedule for April 9th.

(I apologize for the small text. If you push ‘Ctrl’ and ‘+’ or ‘-‘ keys together, the whole web-page magnifies to your desire degree of perceptibility.)

From Ryan:


If you hadn't already read this, I thought you might enjoy it.
The perculiar smell of mail of some stationary.

( excerpt, "..It is my pleasure to report that a standard black Sharpie marker
works reasonably well for writing on a salted cod. I know this because I once
used a salted cod for stationery..")



Hope you like it.

If you find anything to recommend to this site please write to me at lexly87{at}msn{dot}com.


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