An email from Steve Leveen

April 4, 2007

Dear DUC LY,

We believe we’ve discovered a secret to happiness, and we want you as our Preferred Customer to be the first to know.

We found it in a book that J. B. Priestley, the English playwright, wrote more than a half-century ago. Delight is J. B.’s engaging and witty compilation of the small, everyday felicities of life that give him “a dingle-dangle of delight.”

Things like the sound of a football and the smell of Tahiti…. Fountains…. Ship decks in early morning and detective stories in bed…. Departing guests and the coming of the idea…. Sunday papers in the country…. Escaping from time…. Meeting a friend.

Taking pleasure in the small things in lifeWe think J. B. is on to something big with his small delights. We all experience such simple pleasures, and it is these that can bring us lasting happiness. While we may struggle for the big-ticket rewards, it’s the pennies that truly are from heaven, and that may well end up being the most valuable tender of our days.

Here’s J. B. on discovering Vermeer:
“I discovered at last that a painting could fill me with a strange joy, which might haunt me for days, if only because the artist had begun to shape and color my own vision of things.”

On his first time abroad:
“The North Sea that week was as blue as any that Ulysses ever saw.”

And after a concert:
“Held aloft on the shoulders of Bach and Mozart, I can believe that the good life is not yet a lost dream.”

Delight reminds us that as good as it gets can be pretty darn good. And so a beautiful new edition of this nearly forgotten literary delight is our newest offering from Levenger Press. We bound it in cherry-red leather, lettered it with gold and printed it on rich, creamy stock so that the book itself is a delight. Here’s the link: Delight: Taking pleasure in the small things in life.

The true power of this book is not so much what’s inside the covers as what it elicits inside your mind. After dipping into some of J. B.’s wonderful vignettes, you may find yourself making a list of your own dingle-dangles of delight. What a joyful journey you can begin with such small steps.

All my best,

Steve Leveen, Publisher
Levenger PressP.S. What’s a small thing in life that gives you great pleasure? Email us your Delight at cservice{at}levenger{dot}com. (Here’s one of mine: the wind chime of halyards on masts of sailboats at anchor, a sound I associate with some of my favorite days.)


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