My Circa page grid

March 27, 2007

Duc circa page grid

Originally uploaded by lexly87.
A sketch. This is the back of a letter size Circa Grid paper.

After reading about Tom Kelley‘s use of the grid paper, I decided to try it. Because there’s a grid, it encourages me to draw. The letter hand writing is readable and can be written in the portrait or landscape mode.

The grid is 1/4 inch square.

In an earlier post I made some erroneous assumptions about the “smurf’. This drawing is an attempt to correct that. I believe the profile that I’ve drawn, silhouette shape is similar to the Rollabind Portable Punch. The Circa Notebook has a slightly different shape silhouette. Both system is interchangeable or “interoperable” to use Ryan Rassmussen’s term.

An aside, I have not seen the Atoma disc. I plan to look into that and compare the ‘smurfs’ between the three systems: Circa, Rolla, and Atoma.

Thank You R.R

Othere Circa Pages:


Douglas Johnston’s Circa review

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2 Responses to “My Circa page grid”

  1. Rasmussen Says:


    -terrific representation of the perforation shapes

    *To give credit where it is due, it was Douglas Johnston who first seeded this term to the DIY community in his three part Circa System Review over at

    Now, I use his term each time I describe a Circa notebook as a ‘dynamic in-box.’


  2. ducly Says:

    Ryan, thanks for the correction. I do like ‘ideation’ and ‘incubating’
    *Douglas Johnston is a very wise man.

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