Rebecca Bluebird’s Hand Lettering

March 23, 2007

Rebecca allowed me to post some of her handy works. In an email, she asked me if I need additional information. So I wrote her:

Hi Rebecca,
First of all I would like to thank you for the use of the images. I really like your ‘font’.
Well first thing I can think of is how did you come up with the idea that people needed hand lettering and who are these eccentrics?

A very Personal Touch

Hi Duc:

Well, its something I’ve always done for myself. it’s been a passion- ever since I was a little kid I’ve been interested in hand-drawn type, hand-written missives and have been in love with mail and personal letters. I also love vintage and antique ephemera, all the better if someone’s handwriting is present! So just doing what I do somehow led to people requesting I do it for them for special events. I primarily work with brides lettering invitations and addressing their envelopes, but I’ve also hand-lettered marriage proposals, party invitations, memorials, posters, products and whatever else comes my way! So as far as it being unusual, in the wedding world my style itself is unusual – certainly not any kind of traditional calligraphy font but the fact that people want to use my lettering in wedding collateral isn’t strange or underground. although, that said, I don’t get the traditional brides contacting me – often they’re young, women who collect contemporary art, who think outside the box, who are educated and want something NOT traditional. So I guess what you say may be on the mark – perhaps I do attract the eccentric bride?! I like that – “the eccentric bride.” I think people who contact me for more personal missives and missions, so to speak, are really creative people who understand the beauty of handwriting and somehow want to capture that personal element in whatever project they commission me to work on. I’m rambling…does this answer your question? Of course, send any others you might have.

Best, Rebecca

A cabinet of curio

Hi Rebecca,
Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner. I was thinking of questions to ask you.
This sort of mini interview is fun don’t you think? And yes you’ve answered my questions. I think that the reader would like to know the materials you use; pen, paper etc. My own wedding invitation was almost non existant. You provide a very unique service. Even if I wanted to get hand letter invitations I wouldn’t know where to go or who would do it. I like the ‘eccentric bride’. I can imagine that it would be fun to receive a hand lettering letter from you. I belong to couple of letter exchange groups made up of some artist on I think that would be cool to get a letter from you. Anyway. Do you write like that all the time?!? Do you have a bad handwriting ever? hehe. I try to keep a common book and practice handwriting and lettering, I think it’s a good idea. I wonder if you ever got commission to do a whole book of other people’s poems or common place book etc.

This one reminds me of the biscuits I use to eat.

yes, very fun. thanks for asking questions. it gives people more of an idea of what I do, how I do it, etc. oh, materials – well, I LOVE love love my super cheap wood dipping pens and my cheap nibs. I love to buy premade inks, although finding one that is the right consistency for a dipping pen can be a challenge. many inks are pretty in the bottle, but then won’t work for me. so I have a lovely collection of bottles though! mainly I have the best luck with guoache inks and I mix them and use them for writing. I also love black Pilot rolling ball, extra fine tip pens. they’re my favorite. so nothing fancy in terms of writing materials and instruments. now paper is another thing…I love all kinds of papers from paper source papers ( to amalfi papers. I love fine papers and am happy to work with them, if possible!

Letter exchange groups? I didn’t know there was such a thing. how wonderful!! I’d love to research that more thoroughly, although I have to say, I sort of missed the boat on Flickr and totally don’t get how to navigate that site at all. It confounds and finally frustrates me, so I’ve all but given up on it. Not sure if its me (probably is) or what – I’m usually pretty computer literate. hmmmm. Any advice or groups to search? Do you have to have a profile to access everyone in Flickr? Perhaps thats my problem as I don’t. Please advise.

No, I’ve never been commissioned for such a project. How wonderful, though! I would be delighted.

Also, for all of my love for handwritten items, mail art, papers, etc. I’d never heard the term “commonplace book” and just love that. So thank you for opening my eyes to such a thing! I intend on researching it further.

Thank you again and hope to hear soon re: flickr advise.

best, rebecca

(I came across this website via Goodonpaperdesign, via Outblush. Yes I must confess that I sometimes puruse that site. When I’m caught in the act, my usual excuse is that I’m shopping for my wife.)

design sponge from-the-desk-of bluebird-studios-rebecca-turbow


Feel free to use the comment section to ask Rebecca additional questions.


dakegra on livejournal saw Rebecca’s hand lettering and decides to link this post. Very cool.

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