Circa 1-2-3

March 23, 2007

Levenger has revised their website to include “Circa 1-2-3”. I think this is such a good idea. The front page of the website also features the Circa PDA leather Notebook.  Notice that the recent paper catalogue has feature new Circa products. The Circa line is brought out to the fore front, no longer buried deep within the glossy pages of the catalogue.

I’ve been telling my colleague at work about my Circa Rolla experiement after I over heard him gushing about David Allen and the Getting Things Done methodology. He went to a seminar in California about David Allen’s GTD. He has passed onto me the manifesto entitle ‘GTD and Outlook’. His Outlook data are then transmitted to his fancy Mobile, the Motorolla Q. So I brought him over to my office and chatted with him on the finer points of the Circa system, gave him a copy of my Levenger catalogue and sent him on his merry way, next door. It seems he’s been using a three ring binder system and will check out the Circa to replace it.

In another email episode to my Brother-in-Law:

I just checked out the Rollabind and Circa URLs. Wow! I spent a while looking around for a Hemingway-style “Moleskin” notebook, and I started thinking that what I really wanted was one of those notebooks, but spiral-bound (so it could lie flat) and refillable (so I could carry the same notebook). The compact version of this product sounds basically like that, but it even goes one better w/ the removable pages. I don’t know about Pam, but I’m excited! Thanks for the URLs!




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Thank You R.R 😉

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