Librarian Hotness

March 22, 2007

It must be Spring because this blog is getting a bit salacious. I found this item via Etsy Garden. (speaking of hotness, there are some really cute babes over at the Etsy’s lab)

Keep a handle on your books, take a moment to celebrate the glory of the card catalog, and step into the past with these sweet & green librarian bookplates. Four shades of green in a 12 pack. They are printed on sticker paper and measure approximately 2 inches wide by 5.25 inches tall. Ex Libris is Latin for “From the library of:” See also the excellent collection of essays by Anne Fadiman with the same title.

Bookish-ly yours,

P.S. Witness the librarian hotness!

Let the librarian hotness reign supreme!’-Beth o’ Threedogparty.

From the Trio of Hotness are a bevy of other bookish-ly well deserved treats.

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