My hPDA, Rollabind edition

March 16, 2007

My hPDA, Rollabind edition

Originally uploaded by mlle_bleue.
My young niece came to visit my office the other day. She saw my Circa Rolla PDA so she wants me to make her one. Well as her beloved Uncle, it was my avuncular duty to oblige. Here’s a cute one that she would love as she likes Anime style stuff.
“Same great cover made with and an illustration by Julie Rocheleau, laminated and cut to size, with 1″ silver Rollabind rings that came with my Rollabind portable punch. Don’t you just love the Rollabind/Circa system?”- Mlle_bleue.

Ryan from Eleven21 has commented on Mlle_bleue’s photograph above! He has create a PDA generator and posted a link to make your own PDA cover. I’ve asked him for permission to post it here. Waiting on his answer…

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stuboo says:

I’m Ryan from – thanks for the kind words on the hPDA cover generator. I’m glad you like it. I’m happy to make more pdf generators if people let me know what kinds of things they want.



Re: hpda generator

  absolutely you may. be sure to check out and look on the right side of the page for other related things as well. blog all you want!have a nice week,

Mlle Bleu’s second appearance  and Circa-type-douceur-de-lecriture-clairefontaine-notebooks.

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One Response to “My hPDA, Rollabind edition”

  1. Mlle_bleue Says:

    Thank you so much. So sweet.

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