Epica III

March 7, 2007

Hand torn page edge, there’s also a hand-cut deckled edge. Book making has some fun nomenclatures.

update: 3/30 I recently watched ‘Harry Potter and the Sorcer’s Stone’, and glimpsed at the notebook with a very similar hand made page and deckled edge. I wonder if Epica provide the the authentic props.

ducly.tumblr.com has a better easier ability to up load photos but lacks tag.

An Epica spine in the maner of victor schrager.com

The pencil test: club-on-epica-amalfi-paper




2 Responses to “Epica III”

  1. Toni Says:

    what is this sketch Duc? It looks cool. So you like the journal? Can’t wait to seem more pics of it.

  2. ducly Says:

    Hi Toni, I think this sketch is something between a bat and a mantiray or a sting ray. Yeah, I love the journal. I like the 6×9 size. I looked over your extra think journals and will probably get that too.

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