Toni Haye’s Epica

February 28, 2007

Journal 1

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I absolutely love the Epica journals. I have maybe 50 journals altogether and it’s mostly a result of looking for that perfect one but having it never be quite right. Since I found the Epica journals though, they are all I use. I don’t write in anything else…..ever! My first one was the 6X9 extra thick (its the perfect size and feels like an old bible in your hands) I filled that one up and then I got the 8×10 handcut (it’s cut so the page ends are kind of staggered giving it that old world look). I use the 8×10 to write in notes on a book I’m researching. Then when I filled up the 6×9 book I got another one because I use these as a regular journal. You can really jam a lot of stuff into it without the spine breaking (granted you may need a band to keep it closed but the spine will not break) I advise against stuffing too much into the book though because it can become a monster and it will stretch! It just won’t break. I also have the smaller 6×8 handcut journal that I use strictly as a work journal. I work in a lab and I bought it on my first day of work and I write everything in it from office spats to what I’m doing in the lab that day. I usually write in it when I first get to work in the morning. Then lastly, I have the monster 4 inch thick 8×10 super thick handcut journal they just made. This thing was expensive and to be honest I haven’t really done anything with it yet but I had to have it!

The cost is rather expensive but for the 6×9 extra thick journals it’s about $90 and I would say that it’s worth every bit! It will last forever and you will be the envy of your friends. Buy that one and tell me you don’t love it! I know this is a lot but hey you asked! lol

-Toni Hayes

Check out her blog with ancient writing machines:

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