Russell Crosswy’s Circa Paper

February 21, 2007

GTD Flow v0.1

Aside from the cool drawing, look at the Circa Punch marks above. My Circa notebook punch are deeper and thus more secure then the Rollabind Notebook sold at staples. Twice as deep. The Rollabind portable puncher does a punch that is as deep as the Circa notebook.

Update: 3/21/07 the folks over at diyplanner have come up with a word for the mushroom like hole punched. They call it “Smurf”. It’s a cute name and helps to define this unique patented silhouette. To clarify what I was trying to say, the stem of the mushroom in the prepunched Rollabind Notebook from Staples store is half as long as the Circa notebook from Levenger. My Rollabind Portable punch makes the stem of the mushroom as deep as the Circa.

Corrections: 3/27/07 I think I made some erroneous assumptions. The shape of the mushroom on the Circa and Rolla notebooks are different. I’ve made a drawing to try to explain it. The Circa notebook has a slightly different shape, profile, or Silhouette, however you want to call it. I prefer it more to the Rolla Notebooks. Somehow the stem part is stronger on the Circa. The shape made by my Rollabind Portable punch is slightly better then the Rolla Notebook from Staples because the stem is longer. I believe the Circa Portable punch makes the same shape profile as the Rollabind Portable punch. Maybe later I’ll work on this some more.




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