The Little Guide….

February 18, 2007

In my “Now Reading” list is “The Little Guide to the Well-Read life” by Steve Leveen, the founder of Levenger. Like any Levenger products, the hardback version of Well Read Life (WRL) is a handsome quality book. Inside you’ll find the lined textured red ‘flyleaf”, a term I learn reading the book WRL. Flyleaf are the first few blank pages of any book. This is a perfect place for readers to make personal notes. There is a section where Steve talks about the preservationist and the footprint leavers. The preservationist will not write in the book while, the footprint leavers will use annotations and mark up the books in the margin and elsewhere. I felt guilty, as my copy is from a public library, but I marked in pencil, text which I find pertinent and relevant to me. I may splurge on the Little Guide as it is a quality book, well made and nice to hold in hand. The proportion is just right for me. I remember having Peter Hanke’s book ‘The Afternoon of the Writer’ with me often because I enjoy having it in my hand. I used it to write on the hardback, like a clipboard or keep slips of paper between it’s thin profile.

I also keep a 4×5 index card for note taking about memory and how to retain information. Learning Polish is not an easy task, so the tips about learning is valuable to me. Anticipation increase memories, using as many of our senses as possible will help us remember. I have a posted about the the Cornell System for taking notes. I found out about it through surfing the net. But what I did not know was that it was developed by Walter Pauk and written about in “How To Study in College”. This fact was encounter as I was reading WRL, and such accidental and incidental discoveries connected me more to the text. Right off, I read the dust jacket to find a website:; and later in the footnote: The Little Guide speaks too the readers of today by incorporating new technologies such as the web to enhance the reading experience and conect with others. There is an extensive section about Audio book, and it’s development. People are listening to more books on ipods etc….I’ll continue this at another time.


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  1. […] post later. Over the long weekend, I had the pleasure to read so I’m almost finished with the WRL, which btw I’ve gotten a few good titles to put on my “list of candidates”. What […]

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