February 15, 2007

Hochiak! Delicious Asian Food

There’s an Asian recipe site! What a great idea!?!? Have you always wanted to WoK? Well now you can. I’ve tried many recipes sites but nothing like a specific about Asian food. I have a few friends who have been to Malaysia and he raves about their food all the time. Recently he invited them over to stay in Oregon, to repay for the times he had been feed in Malaysia.

I really like his sites plus he’s a great lens master. I would like to steal some of the ideas and recipes. I need to impress my wife with the cooking. She’s always asking me to cook a Chinese dish for her and all I can make is Ramen Noodle. Well that is about to change with so many easy recipes to choose from. We like Prawns and this stir-fried-hong-kong-kai-lan-with-prawns dish looks good.

I wish to create a buzz about this site. Please visit ONE recipe which you would find interesting on this site Hochiak! Delicious Asian Food.  I like promoting Asian food to the world.

Hochiak! Delicious Asian Food is a recipe site dedicated to simple yet delicious home-cooked food found in Asian, especially Malaysian Chinese homes.

Hochiak! Delicious Asian Food


2 Responses to “Hochiak”

  1. pablopabla Says:

    Thank you! Please drop by again 🙂

  2. ducly Says:

    Hi Pablopabla,
    You’re Welcome. Keep up the good work.

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