February 14, 2007

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I found this website from a fellow Flickr. She has an amazing collection of Epica Journal to make anyone, including me, jealous!! Plus she’s a Levenger junkie! Even saving her gift boxes. Check out her blog with ancient writing machines: http://analogscribble.blogspot.com

Happy Valentine’s day to me! because my Levenger gift box arrived!!

Epica I


4 Responses to “Epica”

  1. tschai Says:

    do check out my handmade leather journals at
    im actually starting to supply stores in the US and im still looking for people who wish to buy my products… do drop me an email if you’re interested. =)

    tschai (chai)

  2. ducly Says:

    Tschai, Thanks for checking out my post. I look at your flickr collections of handmade books and I must confess that I want one for myself! Good luck with your endeavor. 🙂

    You’re Welcome,


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  4. […] Epic continues…I had a post earlier about Epica which I found through a fellow Flickr, Toni. I read a testimonial from Tracy. She bought an Epica […]

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