February 12, 2007

I’ve always wanted to buy or create the ultimate journal to keep track of the books that I’m reading. I found this the other day. This system uses the Circa rings which easily allows one to move the pages from one section to the next. One starts out with a “List of Candidates”, this list is then moved to another sections “Library of Candidates” when one has acquired the books.

To understand the “Bookograhy” system, I also checked out from my library Steve Leveen’s book “The Little Guide to Your Well-Read Life”.

My curiousity got the better of me and I decided to write to Levenger for the Bookography. I had just ordered the Circa Junior Leather Jack notebook. An email was sent:

Hi Eunice,
I have a blog which I write about Circa Levenger Products:
I would like to receive free samples of your Levenger Products to review on my blog. Some of my post have been featured on
I’m really interested in trying out the ‘Bookography’. I would like to test this product out and persuade my readers of it’s virtues.

Update: 2/13/07 no response from Levenger yet.

I’ve decided to use Squidoo as a form of Bookography using the Levenger organizational ideas:

Update: 2/15/07 I am reading Steve Leveen’s “The Little Guide to a Well-Read Life”. It’s a charming little book. It prompted me to write and reminisce. I keep a list of Candidates in my new leather Circa Jacketed Notebook. I remember reading “Keep The River On Your Right” by Tobias Schneebuam. It’s a book about Tobias’s residency in Peru. Tobias got distracted by the culture of the South American Indian and escape the Residency program to live with the natives. I read that book while I was in Hungary on an Artistic Residency. The only other book I’d read before about Residency is Ann Truitt’s book about Yaddo call “Turn”. Steve talks about reading a particular book at the local that it is written about to deepened the experience of reading and living together. I think that’s a fantastic idea. I remember being in St. Lucia and discovering a particular Flaming tree that Dereck Wallcott used to sit under, perhaps to compose his poetry. Anyhow, I wish that I have his poetry book to read underneath that tree near the school yard. After I was home from the trip, I immediately check out a few of his books from the local library and read some of his poems about St. Lucia, recalling my experiences, lucky, it was still summer in Oregon.

Update: 2/18/07 Last evening, while I was at the market, I received a phone call from Ryan of Levenger. It was the most unexpected and most pleasant of surprises. I had emailed him a few days ago and expected perhaps an email acknowledgement. But the phone call was more personal and shows the care and generosity of Levenger. He complimented me on the post, and the efforts I was doing. Out of a labor of love and interest, I’ve found a community of people, readers and notebook users who have the same obsession as me. I like to think we are building a community. As a reward, Ryan has gracefully offer to let me test drive the Bookograhy. I look forward to receiving and reviewing the ‘Bookograhy’ in the next few weeks.

Please continue here:

Not all companies are this generous. I had written an email to Rollabind requesting some of their products to test drive for this blog. Rollabind will not send out products for review. It’s hard to believe that Rollabind is not willing to give a few products in exchange for the mouth recommendations and referals.

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3 Responses to “Bookography”

  1. R Rasmussen Says:


    *Google just alerted me to your post (seems like there was a bit of a lag.)

    I’ve been over on lately. Sorry for the delay in responding. [Isn’t social media great?];)

    Drop me a line sometime – Ryan.Rasmussen[at] I think it’s great that you’ve expressed an interest in the Bookography. Using is actually a pretty compelling method as well, for the interactive value of community participation.


    ps – Who is Eunice?

  2. ducly Says:

    Hi Ryan, It’s an honor that you took notice of my post. I check Diyplanner too almost everyday. In fact Douglas Johnson was the one to persuade me to get a Circa Leather notebook. I’m reading ‘The Little Guide to a Wellread life’ by Steve Leveen. What a great little book. I think you are right about Squidoo being an interactive community of Participation. I had not thought of it that way. But with Plexo, People can grab my list and add to them as well.!!!
    Eunice is someone who works at Levenger Customer Relations. I had a question regarding my order and received an email from her. Then I thought to ask her about receiving the Levenger Bookography for a test drive experiment.
    You’re Welcome,
    P.S. I’ll definately drop you a line.

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