Txkimmer’s Circa

February 7, 2007

The Anti-Gadget

“I have a confession to make: For years, I have been Goldilocks wandering in the Three Bears’ Office Supply, searching for the perfect organizer. And I have tried everything. You are looking at someone who has owned Franklin Covey daytimer binders in every size. Plus a Palm Pilot.

But that has all changed, thanks to my Levenger Circa notebook. It came today, and as the mail room guy brought it to me, fresh with Fedex Fairy dust, it gave off a kind of supernatural glow in his hands.”

For more read on: Flickr.com/photos/txkimmers

Levenger discontinued this Croc version, a collector’s item.

txkimmer’s Outlook and Circa


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One Response to “Txkimmer’s Circa”

  1. […] a gift to myself. I was a Levenger Circa virgin but no more. I experienced my elation similar to txkimmers, only it was in a car. I was too excited to wait for the postal carrier to deliver the package. I […]

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