Waiting for…

February 6, 2007

Circa 3×5 pocket dock it



Circa 3×5 Pocket Dock-It

Originally uploaded by su.penguin.


In my business, there are lots of time spent waiting for…

I wait for Preliminary Titles from Escrows, Appraisals from appraisers, Insurance binders from insurance companies…etc.

I’ve been using the @waiting system for a while now and I really like it. What I’ve done is to use the 3×5 blank index cards. I assign each card with a category: @waiting for Prelim; @waiting for Appraisal; @waiting for Signing;….etc.

I saw Jason Alan More’s system for GTD. I really want to splurge on the Levenger leather letter size 3×5 Action Folio index card holder. But Levenger has made a plastic index card holder sleeves. I would like to order this and test it out.

Update: 3/26/06 – R.R has sent me the Pockt Docket. The density or thickness of the plastic is almost as thick and dense as the Translucent cover. I’m glad it’s not as thick but still very strong. The same can be said for the soft color Pocket Dividers.  I prefer them over the Pocket dividers from the Rollabind Notebook from Staples.

Waiting for my Circa leather jacket to arrive.




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