The Circa Junior leather Jacket

February 6, 2007

Circa Junior Leather Jacket


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Update: 01/31/07 Wednesday. Douglas Johnston from has selected to use the Circa leather fold over and the agenda zip junior Circa. He’s a very good writer, and I’m persuaded to possibly splurge for a Junior Leather Jacket for the Circa which is similar to the one he recommends: Circa Junior zip planner.

I am using the Circa Rolla system in the cheapest possible way to try out the system before I splurge. I divide each notebooks into different sections marked, dream, diary, and ideas. I like to use the junior size for small lists. I have list of films about styles, I have a list of pens and paper products I found on And list of songs that I would like to get. I would like to get Debussy’s Arabesque, the one played by Jean Thibudet. I recorded that particular song on the classical radio 89.1 fm.

DJ has a good argument which weights the money one spends on a product and how much one uses it. I have a Coach bag that I bought in 1999? maybe older? I spent about $300 dollars and I carry it to work every day. The Franklin Covey (FC) binder in the Classic and Junior size began to break because I open and close the binder often and after two to three years of use. I guess it still works. Only thing I don‘t like about the FC that I‘ve used is that it‘s too thick. Each year, for six years, the spent planners sit unused on my bookshelf, collecting dust. It’s not easy to access the old calendars for reference because it is in a storage binder that is cumbersome to open and flip the pages. It has three flimsy rings that are like croquet lawn hooks which your paper must navigate.

Update: 2/1/07 I order the on sale Junior leather Jacket with a Circa notebook from Levenger for $70 with a monogram, shipping and handling (It was on sale). I’ll write more about this when the product arrives. I would like to have an agenda in the Junior size but I’ve already received the Letter size Circa Agenda. Maybe next year, I’ll get the Junior size agenda.

Waiting for…my Circa Junior…..


Date Time Description Location






Circa Leather Jacket W/Notebook, Junior TF Mono
Circa Junior Notebook With Translucent Cover
Gift Notecard


$ 60.95

Update: 2/14/07 the Junior leather Jacket arrived just in time for Valentines. It was a gift to myself. 🙂 I was a Levenger Circa virgin but no more. I experienced my elation similar to txkimmers, only it was in a car. I was too excited to wait for the postal carrier to deliver the package. I drove to the post office and retrieve the gift.

I wish it was s bit slimmer. The proportions are off a bit. There are plenty of room for the pen loop which fits my big Waterman Expert snuggly. The Circa translucent notebook fits securely and doesn’t jossle around like it does in the zip binder. The leather inside and outside is strong and will last for years. I can see that my Rollabind notebook’s faux leather is coming off at the corners. I’m impress with the trim of the Jacket. The craftsmanship is superb. Althought the belt closure does get in the way of my writing sometimes. I keep brushing it away.

The paper weight is 60lbs and feels the same as the Rollabind Notebooks. The lines on the Levenger paper is better, sharper. Sometimes I want a complete lined page, not the Cornell style in the Levenger version. I look forward to writing in my Circa Junior Leather Jacketed notebook. I find myself writing more and more. I keep a “List of Candidates”, and make notes about books that I’m reading.

update: 3/5/07 My Circa notebook punch are deeper and thus more secure then the Rollabind Notebook sold at staples. Twice as deep. The Rollabind portable puncher does a punch that is as deep as the Circa notebook. Corrections.

My photo of the Circa-j-jacket.



Doug Johnston’s review of Circa part III

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  3. That’s looking good, I’d love to have one of those. Thanks for the post.

  4. the thing i like about leather jacket is that they give you the impression that you are a bad ass guy “

  5. leather jackets can really make you look good, they also make you feel warm and comfortable -;”

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