October 6, 2006

I have a love for bamboo. We have bamboo flooring in the public spaces of the dining, kitchen, and hallways. My wife and I collect objects to match our bamboo floors. We found a bamboo candle holder by Bill Blass at the local T.J. Max. I have a photograph of a Blue Bamboo which I took myself of the same bamboo that I planted in our backyard! Sorry for a little bragging there.

Anyhow my sister was the first one to have a bamboo floor in our family. She bought an old home with a bad smelly carpet of cat urine. She had the carpet removed and then researched for the best floor installer. I don’t remember why she chose bamboo but she did and couldn’t turn back to regular wood flooring. I help her do some research on bamboo flooring website.

Our place was built with Bamboo flooring. I remember liking the bamboo floor quiet alot. In fact it was one of the deciding factors which influenced our decision.

One Response to “Bambus”

  1. Bill Says:

    Bamboo Floorig

    Bamboo flooring is gaining fast popularity all around the world with it’s unique characteristics and aesthetic appeal. Bamboo flooring is durable and an environmentally friendly alternative to other materials and hardwood. Bamboo flooring is quite affordable and will enhance the beauty of any home.

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