September 12, 2006



I got this book from a Goodwill store during Labor day weekend. I like Bantock’s combination of word and pictures. I read the Artful Dodger which has a small mention of TFR. I was a little bit disappointed. Griffin & Sabine series got the full explanation. What’s unique about TFR is that Nick describes his painting process and shows how a painting evolves. I’m not sure if I liked the completed painting. For me it was obliterated with too many bits but rich with layers. What I like is the painting of the three moons and it’s evolutions. The book is organized into 9 or was it 10 days. Instead of keeping a traditional diary in – situ, the narrator recalls the magical journey that he has under took. In a way, the final painting in the book is a visual diary of the events that took place at the house/studio. I was looking for more of this information in the Artful Dodger but Nick seems to have run out of steam and didn’t say much about it.

One of the best thing about TFR is the inspiration. It speaks directly about creativity but in a very subtle way. We are like the Narrator/artist in the book drawn along in a visual and verbal game until we are deep within the mystery of the process of creativity. This book makes me want to have a Studio of my own for to do a painting. It makes me want to go out and sketch a landscape.

The ending is satisfying. I want to say that it has a Kafkaque or Borge feel to it.

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3 Responses to “TFR”

  1. Rachel Says:

    There’s a favorite author contest going on at Squidoo, and my lens on author/artist Nick Bantock is in the running! Please check out my lens and then stop by the Book Group and vote in the contest,

  2. ducly Says:

    Thanks Rachel! Your site on bantock is comprehensive. I’ll have to check it out in detail later.

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