August 17, 2006





Recently I’ve inherited a few shirts from European. The other and that I really like from is Cottonfield. I got a checkered Cottonfields shirt from Poznan, Poland or Budapest, Hungary (I can’t remember). I also remember getting a v-neck sweater from Byblos. I remember a British designed was at the helm when I first heard of . I was entranced with its ad campaign. At the time I was reading Elle magazine in its first years or so of publication. I gave the subscription to my sister Cindy. We both coveted the fresh cover each month when the magazine arrived in the post. I remember seeing a matsuda advertisment. It shows simply a black and white photograph of a row boat with a couple in it. There was so much to be read in that photograph. Another intriguing photograph is of a blue desert seen, a couple was walking in the sand and their scarves blew in the wind.

anthropologie – I had ordered a catalogue for my wife. It came in the mail the other day. It’s gorgeous, very inspirational photographs.

anthorpologie as worn by miss R


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