My use of txt

August 9, 2006

tip of the day – Today’s tip is about .txt files

Here’s my use of .txt files:

9:46 AM 7/10/2006
for my birthday, we went to Iron Horse with Andy. Nina and I had a Pina Cola da. Andy had a Margerita.
11:16 AM 7/14/2006
the guys are working on the fence. tonight we plan to go to multnomah falls.
2:39 PM 7/18/2006
I’m sleepy. For lunch i had Pad Thai Shrimp.
9:30 AM 7/20/2006
plumbing problem victor’s european meat market $60 meat and can jar goods
10:24 AM 7/20/2006
12:02 PM 7/27/2006
4:17 PM 7/27/2006

2:13 PM 8/9/2006
lunch at chen’s open kitchen


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