Writing Strategies

August 7, 2006

August 7, 2006

Here are my strategies for keeping a journal. First write in word and save it in my travel drive. I will dedicate one travel drive to the writing project.

Next if it’s worthy, I’ll post it on WordPress.com because it has the ability to organize post by tags.

I have a Moleskine (my del.icio.us tag Moleskine) ruled journal but I only use it if I don’t have a computer near by. I’ve now started using my Moleskine ruled journal because i like the binding and having my writing on the page straight away. Unlike the computer, I don’t have to mangage the electronic files to print it. I like to save the first blank page of the month as an Index page for that particular month. I learn this trick from the Franklin Covey Planners. I put the dates on the left margin and note the important personal events of the day. I like my Franklin Covey Binders but sometimes it’s a bit too bulky.

I like to use my Sony Vario laptop which has no internet distractions. It is a bare bones word processing typewriter. I have on old edition of Microsoft words. I like to type on the word processor because I find my thought like to jump around and this is the best way for me to edit.

For printing I’ve decided to save everything in the travel drive and then print for the desk top.

One thing about the travel drive, if I need to upgrade to more memory, I hope that if I buy the same brand, I don’t have to install a new driver.

http://wiki.43folders.com/index.php/Index_cards – Famous Author’s use of Index card.


Websites that spurs creative writing:

Luis Urrea and Will Self – fine writer and blogger.

Ramdomaccessmemory. – Writings by random memory

dandelife – Organize your Autobiography in a time line

writetothebone – Professor Andy’s advice and reviews.



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