July 30, 2006

July 31, 2006


I just got back from lunch. I decided to go to Chen’s open kitchen to watch the fires rise from the wok. My wife called earlier because she wanted Beef Low Mein to go. I order the five flavor prawns. Tata dislikes shrimps. While Tata was here he prepared a pork loin. In a small pan, the kind used for meat loaf, he marinates the loin in salt and pepper for two days. Often brine is used. I bought the pork loin from Fubon Supermarket in Eighty Second and Powell. It’s very juicy. We cut it into thin slices and make close or open face sandwich. When I rip open the foil, I can see the gelatinous juice. The taste is salty but not overpowering.


I recommended Fubon to a co worker when he asked me for a good Asian market. He has visitors from Malaysia. The other day we were talking about the impending visit, he complained about the prices of dining out in America compare to Malaysia’s less expensive prices. He hopes to cook more at home. (We were talking over a lunch get together of co workers. We decided to go to the Izzy’s Pizza. It’s a buffet lunch..) Later on during the week, He told me that he’s been coming home to home cooked Malaysia fare. They bought $70 worth of food from Fubon.


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