July 26, 2006

Jason Santa Maria has a good post about flicker frustrations.

Here’s my comment to Jason’s Post:  well i don’t know if this helps or not but i use delicious to keep track of all of my many groups. Also the comment section is poor because i can’t track other’s response to what i wrote to them. I’m glad you spoke out about flickr’s weaknesses.
Cal is the “Architect” for Flickr.

I’m working on a visual chart of how these interfaces relate to each other. It was about a year ago that I got a pro account on flickr. Flickr links to my Sunday Blogspot and Firefox. I have discovered the joys of tags. Tag has proliferated into blogs which has always been a wish list of features I would like for a blog. Tag has invaded the bookmarks of website. The genius of Delicious is that it has taken on organizing people’s web browsing with tag and then allows users to share their options and preference with a social group of friends and families and links to other communities. Friendster is very influential in this matter. These tools have humanized the experience of web surfing. It proves that people prefer to interact with each other. We are a social being. We love to communicate. Flock promises to be a social web browser. It’s an exciting times to be blogging. There are so many choices out there and the few have risen to the top. It’s a very democratic playing field where people vote, choices in how they navigate and influence an industry. People can vote for the tops stories in a website call digg. People can subscribe to blogs and other news sites.


ways of using delicious:

research my own website and use de.lic.ious to book mark and organized the post on the older blogs that have been buried in in the days before tagged entries. I’m also using to organize and archive my writings on-line with tags. Tag is the next best thing to slice bread. uses tags to organized photos. i used it the other day to decide my slide collection to submit to art competitions. flickr organized all of the images i tagged as NAP for New American Paintings and then i can post a link or use the blogger button to show on my blog.

I posted yahoo360 the other day on delicious and found that there were 30 other delicious user also uses 360.

using delicious to research blank paper notebooks that i’m interest in with the design cover.

Idea #2 Since I like the style of my Photography website on why not start another blog using the same design?

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Entry for June 07, 2006

architectural research

Entry for June 02, 2006

above is a link to the paintings i’m thinking of for New American Painting and

MW gallery.


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