43 things

July 20, 2006


It was through Jason’s Ranting Website that I discover 43 things. One of the things is to organize my photography stuff. Print out more pictures of family.

This is a similar web application to http://www.joe’sgoal.com

Today July 20, 2003 we will be celebrating birthdays for the July. As I’m getting older I want to accomplished more or have look back in a backward glance to see if I’ve accomplish what I want. I did learn to play the guitar but I want to play it better for example. I did bungee Jump last year in August. I was afraid to but I did it because I saw a man in his fifties jumped. Then I saw his daughter of around 17, jumped. On the way down, she didn’t even make a sound. It was eerie to go against that reflex to scream. I’m almost forty and I am taking the time to have a family. I recently got married. It’s been a year now. There are some of the things that I didn’t get done. I would have like to be a famous architect but that didn’t happen. That would be interesting to see what I want to do on my 43 birthday. What 43 things I’ve accumulate since starting the list today.

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