Umqua Valley Art Show

July 6, 2006

I walked down to the river. Feebie came with me. She walks into the river and wallow in the rotten smell of fish. I saw a large carcass and one pink plump fish against a dry rock. Even before I cross the road towards the river, I could smell the stench of rotting fish. After awhile it didn’t bother me. I could smell the fresh air upon waking though. Susan had to shampoo her afterwards. Susan drove the Cherokee to look for Feebie and I. She wanted to give me a dog collar and a glove. I did not see Susan until I got back to her house and she pulls up in the Cherookee.

Dr. Underoo’s German Shepard attack Puck, Shannon’s Parrot. Shannon immediately jumps in to rescue her bird. The doctor was frantically shouting in German because the dog apparently only understands German. Dr. Underoo used to speak German with his wife. She’s long gone, deceased, he’s now a long time Widower. The doctor is the largest donor to the art center. This fact obligates the director to have coffee with him every Friday at the center. Today they meet in the Gallery. It is the last time that they will meet in Shannon’s office because the German Shepard will attack Puck again.

Last night after the Gallery Opening, I looked out side to see a bright full moon clouded over with fog. I hear the river rushing below. Susan’s backyard is beautiful. The Rhodanerons are from New Zealand. The prior owner had brought it over. Her son’s room is fill with baseball memorbilias; jerseys pinned to the wall, and baseballs on a shelf.


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