Twenty-Nine Palms

July 6, 2006

This film reminds me a lot of the short stories of Paul Bowl. Everything seems normal and then a sudden violence. The director understands the landscape…much like the writer Paul bowl describes the landscape. The landscape is not distinct from one place or the other. What Paul bowl notice is the culture? The California desert has similarities to an Africa desert. For the filmmaker, the landscape is a symbol of nature and the elements of water showing the character’s instinct against the man made.

The ending made me feel violated. And I kept going back to the previous boring scenes to see what provoke the character’s violent reaction towards his girlfriend in the end. In this respect it’s much like the short stories of Paul bowl where you do go back to re read to decipher or interpret what lead to this conclusion.

Did the girl friend get lost on purpose? Was David mad at her for that?

Maybe David was ashamed that Katie witness what had happened. I don’t know the answers but the conclusions haunt me. I’m like that police officer wandering far off for clues.


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