Monk (yellow robe)

May 14, 2004

Friday, May 14, 2004

Monk (yellow robe)

monk Yellow Robe

The inspiration for Monk (yellow robe) came from attending the Kwan Yin temple near North East Glisan. The image of the yellow robe monk stayed with me after many prayer sessions. I try to recreate this vision inside the studio. I started with an acrylic layer to sketch out the shape because it was quick and easy, the medium allows me to work right away. It was meant to be just a sketch but a year later I went back to this painting and apply several layers of oil and abstract the image further to extend beyond the reality and into another element. The small paintings are precious and most of them are done quickly and spontaneously but always going back to further improved upon after a time.

‘Duc Ly’s paintings are textured abstracts that hint at Asian or perhaps Extraterrestrial Landscapes. His oil painted on Mylar is an exquisite vision of the moon surrounded by shapes that could be alien pictographs or characters from an exotic tongue.’
– Dave Johnson, The Asian Reporter

‘An acrylic on paper, titled “Gate VII”…shouts bright swaths of color while muttering subtle passageways to the unknown.’
– Dave Johnson, The Asian Reporter



10 Responses to “Monk (yellow robe)”

  1. I found your web site Googleing “yellow monk” – am busy now but will come back to it. I’ve dreamed of yellow monk and so have others – my blog “Quigley in Exile’ starts with a picture of yellow monk by Salvador Dali; a picture called “The Second Coming of Christ” – the age ahead in the Zoroastrian astrology being the Age of Aquarius, marked by Dali by the flying horse, Pegasus, the Gatekeeper.

  2. ducly Says:

    I saw briefly your website and will come back to read some more of it. I am glad you let me know how you found my website. Thanks for looking. Perhaps I’ll post a picture of the painting here.

  3. I would love to see it. I had been emailing an Australian woman (I live in New Hampshire, USA) about her dreams for almost a year when we both dreamed of a yellow Buddhist monk near the time of the tsunami. I Googled yellow monk “Images” last year and found an artist had painted a vision of a monk in yellow robes emerging from the earth in a birth “earth mother” motif. It was quite like the dream of the clairvoyant Australian woman. And it turned out that he lived about only five miles away from where I live.

  4. ducly Says:

    wow that’s a nice coincidence. Well my painting is abstract.

  5. INteresting, yellow monk coming from the Kuan Yin prayer session, suggesting it comes from the yin spirit of the Universe. All my dreams RE yellow monk and those of my friend relate to a sense of “returning to earth.” In the 1950s people had visions of UFOs and pop culture went to the sky (Star Trek, Star Wars). Now people dream of returning to earth & tv shows like “Survivor” and “Lost” are actually “returning to earth” myths. The Kuan Yin spirit pervades the remarkable tv show Lost. It is a sign of new Awakening; the awakening of new human consciousness & a new spirit on the earth.

  6. In case you might be interested, here is a picture of yellow monk I mentioned by an artist in Vermont. Notice the composition is similar to your own; a yellow form rising upward from the earth to the left, but here in the body of a tree/woman. It brings to my mind, Kuan Yin, the Celestial Goddess; an awakening of the earth in a Cosmic Vision. Lovely work. At

  7. ducly Says:

    Kwan Yin is also a Goddess. This is also a trend possibly created by the Da Vinci Code.
    That’s an interesting observation Ben. I have not seen Lost yet. I have not much knowlegde of Kwan Yin. I should research it some more.

  8. Duc – I know Kwan Yin as I am a Buddhist. I was sent to Thailand as a soldier in 1968 and came back a Buddhist. Buddhism brings a great awakening to the U.S. and Europe, particularly on the western seaboard, but I have two large Buddhist temples near my house in Vermont, one founded by Thich Nhat Hanh. Zen says that when you enter a state of Englightenment monks come visit you in your dreams. Perhaps that is the yellow monk.

  9. createmo Says:

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