November 28, 2002



I miss having the internet at my new place but what a relief too because I have other things to do like messing around on Publisher and organizing my files. I’ve been faring well with food, clipping recipies and making tea at night.
I’ve been writing more. I had a typewriter set up next to the kitchen and the dining table and I type way until I got the computer set up. I like my solitude and even have more dreams it seems.
I was watching a special on Freud lastnight and now want to read his ‘Interpretation of Dreams’.

I want to see the movie ‘The Hour’ about Virginia Wolf.

My friend and I will do some hiking and some fun activities with the Mazama Outdoor group. I really don’t take advantage of the parks around here. Just the other day I was on an Art Walk and I found a little walking trail. So I plan to go back with a camera. I said that about the trees next to the local library but it’s too late now the yellow leaves have dropped. Also the bus ride through Sellwood bridge is amazing withe the yellow tress on the bank of the river below and the brilliant sunshining on the water.

Last night, I heard on the radio show NPR, Andrew Codreschew’s voice essay about finding internet connections at airport and I laughed out loud. He’s very funny in a poetic way. His voice is dramatic and looks nothing like him. (I saw his video juorney back into Romania.)


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