October 23, 2002



A clean well lit place

Well except that it doesn’t have the table for writing. I took the typewriter over…It’s hard to live without a table but tomorrow the mover is suppose to be here. Went to temple Sunday then a special ceremony…long prayers for the medicine sutra. Took opportunity to offer in-scent to bring luck for the move…

It is October and still the sun shines. Last-night watched Taxi Driver at the new place. I heard that Trent Raznor of Nine Inch Nail watched that movie repeatedly after his exhausting first album tour. Cybil Shepard looks amazing and Jodi Foster is so mature in that film. And Denero and Keitel…Watching Harvey makes me want to see the Piano again. Holly Hunter is amazing….the whole film is in a different palette all it’s own.

Well today is a special day for many reasons….it’s a birthday of someone I know.
It is a co incident, I saw the same girl I met at a party last Sunday. We were waiting for the bus. Some times this can be mis interpreted as a sign….I’m a romantic so I’ll say yes. She seems interested but the bus came to soon. I’ll see her again at the dumpling card parties that happens on weekends. They get together to make Chinese dumplings and play cards. Last time we just showed up and eat…but I wrap an occasional won-ton myself…


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