September 28, 2002


Two Blue Drawings

Lots of Asian pears in the garden.
Morning Jog. 5th level on Starwars Jedi Starfighters. Yesterday, two good draw/paintings. It was started several days ago. It was unresolved. So I just pencil on top of the acrylic and smeared it for a painterly-chalky look. I turn the whole composition upside down and backward. It was totally unexpected but good none the less. A good example of discovery and not going towards a work with preconceived notion.
Lastnight saw Daniel Libskin on Charlie Rose. Listening to beth orton hob.com radio. I am a big Beth Orton fan. Daybreaker.

The Red Star is an exquite graphic fiction about the Soviet militia:


About the works of Robert Mangold.
Matisses’ cutouts.
Diebenkorn’s influences: Matisses.
Part of it reminds me of Stuart Davis.

Good mood now because of sunshine and music. Tomorrow, we plan on hiking but the weather may turn for the worse.


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