September 20, 2002


The Quiet American

oh….on to “Winter of Discontent” even before I finish “Shipping News”. Winter has a good begining….very clear image and rich too…I’m tired of the poor Steinbeck characters. “Winter” seems more like “This Side of Paradise”.
Oh what a major difference broadband make. So busy down loading songs.

I have Nutbeem, an interesting name that refuses to leave my mind lately. He’s a character in the “Shipping News”. I think it would be fun to say oh Nutbeem! instead of oh Nuts…or gosh darn. Sometimes I carry these words around in my head. Meshmesh ma bouatery! is a word I learned from an anthropology class. I’ve spelled it wrong I’m sure and the meaning of it escapes me but still for some reason, that stuck with me since 1988. If I have a dog, I would name him that. Then I string along other words that ends with …tery. I’m strange like that. Little things like that define who I am as a person.
Hey Nutbeem, are you still there? Are you still with me? Maybe it’s the full moon, but I feel like writing. There are things that I have to do. Once they get done, I can concentrate on the writing. There are conversations that I type up during instant messaging that are seeds of inspiration which I must go back and edit.


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