September 8, 2002



Hamilton Hike

Tired from hike.
Elevation gain: 2500 ft.
No Goddess this time around.
We talk about silly stuff…such as writing a hiking guidebook with Goddess Ratings and weird incidents, snatches of over heard conversations. Like one we heard today: The women in the bathroom next-door said, “My ex was a great lover…but when he just wanted to poke…it was gross.”

The Columbia is ever present. I am getting to know the river more and more…each week. However, that may be our last hike for the summer. On the way down, Tim spotted two large deer on the trail. I was looking down the path and he was ahead of me. My whistling scared them both off. I was just happy and wasn’t aware that my whistling might scare off animals…but we weren’t expecting a deer. I saw their white behind skipping off. It was magical.
There have been plenty of snakes, which I never saw. There was one butterfly. The trail had certain characteristics such as a valley that caught chilly wind and threw it back at us. Certain area, the air smells so sweet. From the summit I could see Mt. Adam and a slight tip of Hood behind the smaller mountains.


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