September 3, 2002


Angel’s Rest

A Labour Day Hike
Exhausted after hike. Near the Bridge of the Gods, we stopped into a very ‘unpc’ restaurant. It’s call Char Burger…There are rifles, arrows, and wooden Indians on the wall as decorations. The logo is a character call Chief Char he is painted red. We had a salmon burger. The salmon comes from the river just outside. They also sell fresh salmon in the parking lot. I remember May two years ago, Tim and I just came back from Dog Mountain. The mountain was an oven at certain parts. The vultures circling above waiting for us to die. Our legs cover in dust. I drank four glasses of water waiting for the cashier. We only saw two goddesses. But today…there were so many. True enough, at the very top, two nice looking girls were sunbathing but their incessant talk was a turn off.
People are generally in a good mood. There are dogs, lots of dogs.

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